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Modname = ckeditor   The package includes: Option 1: 6 x dinner fork, 6 x dinner knives, 6 x spoons of dinner, 6 x teaspoons. Option 2: 6 x dinner fork, 6 x dinner knives, 6 x spoons of dinner, 6 x teaspoons, 1 x gift box About knives:   About the list of table tools model, made of high -quality stainless steel steel, there is completely 9 pieces, and 22 colors, this main sale list 4 pieces, if you are like other table tools for this model, please contact us for free. Dinner knives (22 centimeters + 40 grams) Dinner fork (22.5 centimeters + 35 grams) Dinner tablespoons (21.5cm + 40 grams) Small spoons (13 centimeters + 14 g) Gift box (39.5cm meter + 25.5cm + 5.2cm + 520 grams)   About shipping from the local warehouse:   The package generally arrives during the estimated time to arrive.If you do not receive the expulsion during the estimated time, please pay attention to the information in time.The package may have reached the pickup point and need to receive it personally. Note: If the expulsion is not picked up for a long time, the expulsion will be returned and you will need to pay additional charging fees to re -send it.We hope you can understand   About quality:   About the quality of the table tools, we would like to check twice before shipping, and a safe package with a bubble sheet to protect the table tools.Its definition is inevitably a defect during delivery.If the table tools face any problem with appearance during delivery, we offer a partial reset or recovery.   About maritime transport:   About the time of shipping, we will charge your order within 24 hours via aliexpress standard charging, takes about 8-20 days (the main countries) for delivery.We accept the expelled shipping like FEDEX or DHL, it takes 3-7 days, customers need to pay the additional charging for this service.   About cleaning:   1. Please make it dry and keep the Sian and dry table! 2- Ace Miotreal detergents.Do not use strong alkaline or oxidized chemicals. 3. Do not wipe steel balls or other hard things.        ..
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